• Walk-ins welcome

  • 45 minutes

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Unlock the world of art with The Biggs during our exclusive Biggs Weekend! On the first Saturday of each month at 2 PM, immerse yourself in a 45-minute guided tour led by our expertly trained Biggs Education team members.

Diverse Topics: Each month, our tours delve into various captivating themes, from special holiday tie-ins with works in our collection to feature exhibitions and beyond.

Expert Guidance: Led by specially trained educators, our tours offer insights, stories, and a deeper understanding of the artistic wonders within The Biggs.

First Saturday of each month at 2 PM

45 minutes of artistic exploration

Walk-ins are warmly welcome for an enriching and spontaneous art experience

Join us on Biggs Weekend as we bring art to life, no strings attached. Let the colors, stories, and creativity of The Biggs captivate you every month. Elevate your weekend with art – where every tour is a brushstroke of inspiration!