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  • 1 hour – 1:45 minutes

Choose between an immersive in-person tour or a captivating virtual experience to suit your preferences. To ensure a seamless experience, reservations are required for both in-person and virtual tours. Secure your spot now by calling 302-674-2111 to make your school tour reservation.

Explore the Wonders of Our Permanent Collection with Free Guided School Tours

Discover the rich tapestry of art at The Biggs with our engaging and FREE tours, specially crafted for schools, youth groups, after-school programs, and camps. Our standard School Tours, each lasting 1 hour, invite students to delve into the treasures that our museum holds. Should your students have a particular interest in a specific topic or theme, our dedicated staff can tailor the tour to seamlessly align with your lesson objectives.


Enhance Your Tour with a Complimentary Art-Making Activity

Elevate your school tour experience by adding a complimentary 45-minute art-making activity to your itinerary. Our expertly facilitated sessions, available in-person or virtually, are led by members of The Biggs Education Team. These activities are thoughtfully designed to help students forge cross-disciplinary connections with the concepts explored during their tour.

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  • 45 minutes

Access a Wealth of Educational Resources

Extend the learning beyond the museum with our library of classroom lesson plans and downloadable slideshows, available for teachers to use. These resources serve as valuable tools to reinforce the educational impact of the museum experience in your classroom.

Please note that school tours must be booked at least two weeks in advance to ensure availability and a personalized experience for your students. Uncover the world of art with The Biggs – where learning comes to life.