No flash photography is permitted in galleries. Copyright issues and other regulations prevent us from granting permission.


The consumption and possession of all food and beverages are not permitted in the galleries.


Special care must be taken to preserve the artwork and maintain the presentation of each exhibition. Visitors are not permitted to touch artwork or display cases and stand or sit on platforms. Take special care with strollers, wheelchairs and walkers in the galleries.


Visitors are asked to put cell phones on silent mode or turn them off in the galleries.


Visitors are asked to put cell phones on silent mode or turn them off in the galleries.


Visitors are required to wear a shirt and shoes at all times in the building.


No firearms or dangerous weapons of any kind are permitted on the premises.


Individuals will not engage in any activity that is dangerous or offensive to visitors, staff or artwork.


Children ages 12 and younger are to be accompanied and supervised by an adult at all times inside the museum. (Excludes supervised children’s programming.)


Sketching is welcome in the galleries with dry media (pencil only). Artists working with wet media must obtain permission.


Any individual(s) who refuses to comply with established policies will be asked to leave the museum. If the individual refuses to leave, police will be called, and that person will be charged with trespassing.


The Biggs Museum of American Art provides images for educational presentations, professional research, print and electronic publications, and media projects. These images are available in several formats, including digital files, color transparencies, prints and slides.

Fees vary depending on the commercial or nonprofit status of the request, the type of material requested and the nature of use and scope of distributions. Special consideration is given to educational projects and publications. The following terms and conditions do not apply to members of the press.

Requests for images must be made in writing clearly explaining the proposed use. Fax and e-mail requests are acceptable. Requests for permission to reproduce an image must be made to the marketing coordinator at the Biggs Museum of American Art and should include:

• Title and artist for the work of art.
• Nature of the project and all details of proposed use. For a publication, include title, author, expected date of release, whether it is for commercial, educational or scholarly use, print run, language(s) in which the publication or project will be distributed, and whether the image will appear on the cover.
• Complete contact information to include name, title, company, address, phone, fax and e-mail.
• Type of photography requested.

Note: Images from temporary exhibitions may only be reproduced during the duration of the exhibition. In many cases, these objects are on loan to the Biggs Museum of American Art and permission for use from the lender may be required.

The conditions under which an image from the collection of the Biggs Museum of American Art may be reproduced are:

• Each image must be reproduced in its entirety unless approved by the Biggs Museum of American Art. If a detail is approved, the word DETAIL must appear in the credit line and the full image must be reproduced elsewhere in the publication.
• The reproduction must not be cropped, bled off the page, or have content superimposed on the image, unless preapproved by the Biggs Museum of American Art. The museum may request color proofs to ensure it is a faithful and accurate reproduction of the original work of art.
• Images appearing on a dust jacket, book cover, calendar or published as an individual reproduction must have prior approval.
• The full credit line supplied by the Biggs Museum of American Art must appear with the image in printed materials, and at the end-credits on film/video or TV production. Full documentation consists of the artist’s name, title of the work of art, date (if given), medium, and dimensions. The credit line, Biggs Museum of American Art, Dover, Delaware, must be displayed with the image.
• Permission to reproduce the image must not be transferred to a third party nor must any photographic materials, its derivatives or digital files be transferred to any other user.
• A complimentary copy of the publication or project in which the museum’s image appears must be sent to the marketing coordinator at the Biggs Museum of American Art.

Disclaimer: The Biggs Museum of American Art assumes no responsibility for any royalties claimed by the artist or on his/her behalf. In the case of works by living artists or other copyrighted material, the burden of obtaining all necessary reproduction permission rests with the requesting party.