School field trips

We are excited to invite teachers and their students to embark on a delightful and educational journey with us on a free field trip. At The Biggs, we believe in the power of learning, exploration and creativity.

Our professionals are committed to providing an enriching experience for students of all ages. On our school tour page, discover the activities we have prepared. From interactive exhibits to hands-on workshops, we offer multiple opportunities for students to participate, learn and have fun. Our goal is to inspire a love for art, history and culture while fostering critical thinking and creativity.

Join us on this exciting adventure and let us create a memorable experience for your students. Visit our school tour page to learn more. We look forward to welcoming you and your students to The Biggs.

Lesson plans

Welcome, educators. You can access a comprehensive collection of classroom lesson plans and downloadable slideshows designed for teachers. These meticulously crafted plans have been developed by experienced educators who participated in the Adopt-an-Artwork program. We aim to provide teachers with quality resources that align with state and national standards for art education. To explore this valuable library of lesson plans and slideshows, click on the link below.


At The Biggs Museum of American Art, we are proud to offer a program that allows local schools to “adopt” works of art from our collection. Each year, a selection of artworks is made available for adoption, and participating schools receive framed reproductions of their chosen artwork. These reproductions are valuable tools for curriculum development.

To help teachers use these artworks effectively, we provide free supplies and training where they learn to create lesson plans directly related to the adopted objects. These lesson plans are carefully aligned with the new Delaware Standards for the Visual and Performing Arts, ensuring their educational value. Additionally, participating schools have the option to expand their curriculum with an on-site field trip to the museum or an “at school” field trip led by our knowledgeable staff and volunteers.


Each year, The Biggs Museum of American Art collects and showcases the inspiring projects created by participating schools in a captivating group exhibition held in May. This exhibition is a platform to celebrate the creativity and talent of students who have been inspired by the artwork at the Biggs, where these remarkable projects can be displayed and appreciated by the community.

By participating in this exhibition, students can share their perspectives and creative expressions with a wider audience. It is a wonderful way to showcase the impact that art education and The Biggs artwork have on nurturing young minds.

We are grateful for the support and assistance of the Delaware Department of Education in this program. Teachers who participate in the training sessions and dedicate time to developing these lessons will be eligible for clock hours. The lessons created through this program are attributed to the author(s) and added to our online library of resources, which is accessible to the public. These lessons play a vital role in our school tour program, enriching visitors’ educational experience.


This program is made possible by support from the Delaware Division of the Arts and the Kent County Fund for the Arts.


Keep your child’s creative spirit alive all summer at The Biggs ArtVenture Camps. Our camps provide a nurturing environment where young artists can explore their talents through hands-on projects in small groups.

During these weeklong sessions, aspiring artists and innovators will have the opportunity to absorb the world of art at The Biggs. They will learn art techniques and transform their creativity into exciting ArtVentures.

Our summer camps are structured in weekly sessions, allowing for a comprehensive experience.

Join us for an unforgettable summer filled with artistic exploration and friendship. Enroll your children in our ArtVenture Camps today and watch their creativity soar. ArtVenture Camps are paused for the 2024 Summer Season as we evaluate our program to ensure the top-notch fun and educational experience of participants.