NOVEMBER 6, 2015 – FEBRUARY 14, 2016

Often, the Biggs Museum’s staff has the good fortune to discover talented artists within this community who have not received enough critical attention. Michael Robear is undeniably one of those artists. Robear began in childhood depicting wildlife and Mid-Atlantic landscapes. From his home in nearby Cecil County, Maryland, Robear grew up admiring, even emulating the members of the illustrious Wyeth family, especially Andrew Wyeth. From high school, he was accepted to the Corcoran School of the Arts where he developed his surreal interpretation on regional landscapes and people with an adventurous application of his preferred medium, watercolor. The artist’s cavalier use of water-based paints is contrasted by the unique frames he forges from metal. A professional metalsmith, Robear has been completing his works within his own sculptural frames for several years, melding his two passions into unforgettable works of art.