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JULY 2, 2010 – OCTOBER 24, 2010

For ten years, the Biggs Museum has partnered with the Delaware Division of the Arts (DDOA) to showcase the artistic talents of Delaware in an annual summer exhibition. The annual Award Winners exhibition features the talent of the current Individual Artist Fellows of the Delaware Division of the Arts (DDOA). Delaware artists: painters, photographers, sculptors, writers, musicians and craft artisans, have the honor of winning the DDOA’s annual distinguished fellowship prizes. The fellows are chosen by a committee from hundreds of entrees. In a partnership with the DDOA, the staff of the Biggs Museum invites each year’s Award Winners to the only group exhibition honoring their combined accomplishment.In celebration of the ten anniversary of the annual Award Winners exhibition, the Biggs Museum has invited all of the past individual fellowship recipients to participate in a reunion exhibition of their works. Over thirty artists featured in the Award Winners exhibition in the past ten years will participate in the reunion exhibition alongside the 2010 individual fellows and share their recent work with the public.The annual Award Winners exhibition is one of the most important annual projects at the Biggs Museum in carrying out its mission to celebrate artistic diversity, provide public educational access to Delaware’s fine-arts community, and to bring more awareness of both the museum and art to the community. Award Winners traces the evolution of the local art scene in Delaware and is presented to the public with hopes of encouraging conversation, comparison, debate and reflection of the diverse nature of work being created in Delaware.The Biggs Museum is pleased to once again feature the media and skills of all sixteen 2010 DDOA fellowship recipients. Their work lies in the areas of visual, musical, sculptural, folk art and literary arts.

The following artists are the 2010 DDOA fellowship recipients to be featured in the Award Winners X: Reunion exhibition:Visual Arts

Allison M. Haug, WilmingtonAshley J. Pigford, NewarkCybele Clark-Mendes, NewarkFelise Luchansky, WilmingtonHeather Siple, WilmingtonHunter Clark, ArdencroftLarry Anderson, WilmingtonMichael Kalmbach, NewarkNina Spencer, DoverLiteratureChristopher Childers, MiddletownTery Aine Griffin, WilmingtonL.J. Sysko, WilmingtonViet Dinh, WilmingtonMusicJerry “Crabmeat” Thompson, MiddletownMichael S. Smith, BearReunion Artists

H. Earl Abbott, Jr., Wyoming (2001)Deborah Appleby, Lewes, (2007)Carrie Anne Baade, Florida (2005)Lisa Andrea Bartolozzi, Newark (2005)Robert Bickey, Philadelphia, PA (2008)Nancy Breslin, Newark (2003 & 2008)Maureen Ciaccio, Wilmington (2007)Lori Crawford, Dover (2008)Catherine Drabkin, Wilmington (2007)Carrie Ida Edinger, Newark (2003)Marjorie Egee, Claymont (2001)Alida Fish, Wilmington (2008)Cassie Lawn Walker, Wilmington (2006)Ronald Longsdorf, Wilmington (2009)Pahl Hluchan, Wilmington (2008)Kenneth Jones, Newark (2006)Michael Jones-McKean, Arden (2003)Eunice M. LaFate, Wilmington (2004)Michael J. Matarese, Portland, OR (2007)Roger Matsumoto, Newark (2001)Thomas M. Nutter, Newark (2004)Mary Tobias Putman, Townsend (2002)Steve Rogers, Lewes (2005)Maxine Rosenthal, Wilmington (2003)Lynda Schmid, Wilmington (2005)Karin Snoots, Harbeson (2008)Stephen Tanis, Wilmington (2002)Roberta Tucci, Wilmington (2006)Andrew Wapinski, Wilmington (2008)Roldan R. West, Wilmington (2005)Karoline Wileczek, Newark (2002)Nancy Carol Willis, Middletown (2009)Carson Zullinger, Wilmington (2005)Literature

Linda S. Blaskey, Lincoln (2006)Elizabeth Dolan, Rehoboth Beach (2009)Gary Hanna, Dagsboro (2003)Steven Leech, Newark (2002)Jeffrey Little, Newark (2001)Henry Long, Wilmington (2002)Abby Millager, Newark (2009)Rachel Simon, Wilmington (2003)Billie Travalini, Wilmington (2007)Music

Catherine Marie Charlton, Avondale, PA (2002)Ms. Lori Citro, Newark (2007)

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