Open Thurs-Sun 10 a.m. to 5 p.m.
On Dover’s Historic Green

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MARCH 5, 2010 – JUNE 20, 2010

Open March 5, 2010 – June 20, 2010

“Artists have always found inspiration in the aquatic:from the vastness of the open ocean,where clear water rolls on in deep cobalt waves,to the stillness of shallow watershedslit by the song of bullfrogs and Painted Buntings.

As members of the American Society of Marine Artists, we are some of the most ardent of these creative spirits who have followed our hearts and vision, creating beauty as we have seen it in an Aquarian world.

It’s not only the mission of the Society to educate the public to the inherent value of the marine world that surrounds us,but it is also our greatest pleasure to share these, our most treasured gifts, with you.”

-Michael KilleleaChairman of ASMA Regional Exhibitions

A must see for anyone who loves the sea. Celebrating America’s rich maritime history as a seafaring nation, this dynamic exhibition brings together over one hundred of the most talented contemporary artists in the marine art field, recognized both nationally and internationally. Quiet shorelines, harbor views, and seascapes featuring tumultuous, roaring seas are presented with luminous light and emotion. A wide array of mediums – oils, water colors, pastels, scratchboard, pencil, sculpture and scrimshaw make this a most rewarding experience for viewers and collectors alike. Founded in 1978, the American Society of Marine Artists’ purpose is to promote marine art and maritime history and to encourage cooperation among artists, historians, marine enthusiasts and others engaged in activities related to marine art and maritime history.

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